The Sepulcher of Strange

Sepulcher of Strange Illustration by artist Kristian Strange for author Morgan Strange

Short Stories

By Morgan Argor Strange

Note: Some of these stories are published under a previous name.

Bones illustration by Kristian Strange

See Who Answers

A poem I wrote in the halcyon days of youth: Days which I only hope I can someday return to again–in this life, and all the others. (June 2023 – Forever)


A new weird slipstream that carries you back to a place that always was, but never should have been. (May 2023)

Seth the Skinless

A “fun” little horror flash piece that should only be read at bedtime. (February 2023)

The Prince of Murk and Rot

Originally published in the Through Other Eyes anthology by All Worlds Wayfarer (December 2020)

The Jester of Arathos

Featured in MYTHIC: A Science Fiction & Fantasy Magazine (Issue #17, October 2021)

A Deal Between Bats 

After earning glowing reviews on Goodreads, this story was re-released in the Lovecraft Special Issue of Cosmic Horror Monthly in August of 2021!

Where Monsters Go to Die

Featured in Episode #489 of the Tales to Terrify Podcast (June 2021)

The Last Flight of the Palisades Mega Mallship

I was personally invited to contribute to the Tales of Clickbait anthology (May 2021)


This story was originally published in the Aggregate anthology by Writerfield, and reprinted for the Demented Mother’s Day issue of Tales From the Moonlit Path

The Eternal War

Originally published in The Kyanite Press: Volume 2, Issue 2

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