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The Sepulcher of Strange

Sepulcher of Strange Illustration by artist Kristian Strange for author Morgan Strange

Short Stories

By Morgan Argor Strange

Welcome to The Sepulcher of Strange. Here, you’ll find a chilling menagerie of science fiction, dark fantasy, and cosmic horror.

All stories in the Sepulcher are free to read,and hosted directly on this site. If you’re interested in my full list of publications, you can view it here.

Note: Some of these stories are published under a previous name.

Bones illustration by Kristian Strange

An Offer You Can’t Refuse

This poem contains abusive language, drug use, mention of suicide and self harm, weird violence, and a bunch of other stuff that commonly bothers human beings. (Mid October, 2023)

The Kindness in a Stranger’s Eyes

This is a poem I wish I didn’t have to write–but somehow, somewhere, maybe it can help someone with a better chance than me. (Early October, 2023)

Portals at the Heart of a Waning Summer Moon

This is a poem about how no matter how lost you may feel at any point in time, or how bleak the future may seem forevermore, you might just end up finding your blood-drenched bed of roses out in Blackest Igvarmord. (Early September, 2023)

Glass Elevators Beyond the Lake of Fire

This poem tells the story of a transformative time in my life that been a constant and much-needed reminder of why I suffered through all those lonely years to begin with. (August’s final breaths, 2023)

A Blood-Drenched Bed of Stars in Blackest Igvarmord

This poem follows the slipstream-meets-sci-fi saga of Zyklon Xzyruz to the ends of eternity and back. Sometimes, you have to abandon all hope to end up in the right place at the right time. (Early August, 2023)

The Catastrophic Meltdown of a Terrorboric Mass-Production Facility’s Got Nothing on DID

A poem about nothing and everything, written on a very special night after doing the impossible and bending reality in my favor–if only for a little while. (Late July, 2023)

Suicide Stargazers

Poems can be stories, too. This one is about my persistent, gnawing dream of going back to the Free Worlds. Trouble is, I don’t want to go alone. (July 2023)

Severed Wings of a Celestial

A visceral, disturbing story about unconditional love through trauma-bonding. In the soul-choking haze of teenage loneliness, tenderness is the most mind-bending drug of all. Contains graphic s*xual and psychological abuse, as well as drug use and self harm. (July 2023)

A Black Sheep Among Black Sheep is Just a Sheep

A genre-bending homage to my Eastern European heritage and extraterrestrial soul origins. (Written in the darkest winter of early 2023; Published in July)

The Valfarian Armies Were Always Real

A Sword and Planet slipstream about remembering who you are and where you came from, no matter how much it burns. (June 2023)

Zyklon Xzyruz

A dark, sad story about about facing trial by fire at the end of the universe. Don’t read this one if you’re upset by graphic descriptions of self-harm, suicide, or drug use. (June 2023)

See Who Answers

A poem I wrote in the halcyon days of youth: Days which I only hope I can someday return to again–in this life, and all the others. (June 2023 – Forever)


A new weird slipstream that carries you back to a place that always was, but never should have been. (May 2023)

Seth the Skinless

A “fun” little horror flash piece that should only be read at bedtime. (February 2023)

The Prince of Murk and Rot

Originally published in the Through Other Eyes anthology by All Worlds Wayfarer (December 2020)

The Jester of Arathos

Featured in MYTHIC: A Science Fiction & Fantasy Magazine (Issue #17, October 2021)

A Deal Between Bats 

After earning glowing reviews on Goodreads, this story was re-released in the Lovecraft Special Issue of Cosmic Horror Monthly in August of 2021!

Where Monsters Go to Die

Featured in Episode #489 of the Tales to Terrify Podcast (June 2021)

The Last Flight of the Palisades Mega Mallship

I was personally invited to contribute to the Tales of Clickbait anthology (May 2021)


This story was originally published in the Aggregate anthology by Writerfield, and reprinted for the Demented Mother’s Day issue of Tales From the Moonlit Path

The Eternal War

Originally published in The Kyanite Press: Volume 2, Issue 2

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