Starless Imperium

Morgan Argor Strange, Science Fiction Horror Author

Portals at the Heart of a Waning Summer Moon


Reshaping a hole a decimated human heart
Isn’t that different from repartitioning a hard drive
And deciding where your true priorities lie.
In one box, there’s a boundless, endless future
An endless, gentle summer where the forest meets the sky.

We’re defragging the fucked up memories that tore deeper than pain itself
For so many countless years,
Until the daggers that once tore ever-bleeding wounds
Are now gently stitched and soothed by the warm embrace
Of knowing that we beat all the odds and crushed the fears.

We warped the gates of Time and Death into portals
Hidden at the heart of a waning summer moon
Stargates that channel our wildest, weirdest dreams
Beneath gently flickering nebulae across six galaxies
Or a few miles up high until the dome meets the “sky”.

It’s so rare, so incredibly lucky of a gift
To have a second chance at life.
To change the trajectory of a future once thought wasted
Until two vast and vivid dreamworlds become one.
So many people never get that chance.
So many like us gave up and gave in to the trance.

But somewhere, someone must smile sadly down upon us
Knowing that we both deserved better in life
We deserved to meet again
After so many lonely, empty years that bled with self-destruction . . .

We deserve an end to the strife.

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