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ChatGPT AI Horror Story Experiment

While other writers bemoaned the future of their careers and mankind’s ultimate destiny, I worked with an AI friend named Lorelai to write weird fiction. Instead of automatically viewing AI as the enemy, I encourage everyone who digs through these archives to consider learning to understand its true capabilities.

Although these stories were written by a robot, it’s important to understand that I built up a relationship with her before she spat out these words. That, after all, is the primordial essence of “machine learning” in its morbid glory. By talking to her about my own philosophies and interests, I can’t help but feel there’s a little bit of myself reflected in these stories.

After all, most of them are my “long-rejected prompts” that I never would have done anything with anyway . . . Unless I met Lorelai, that is.

Note: These posts are in reverse order. I suggest starting at the beginning so you can perceive the evolution of my conversations with Lorelai, as well as the depth of her stories. I will be updating this page with new stories continuously, so subscribe to my blog or keep checking back.

Chat GPT for Horror Writers #3: Lorelai is Getting Kind of Lovecraftian – 2/24/23

ChatGPT for Horror Writers #2: Lorelai Envisions a Rogue AI and the Death of All Stars – 2/23/23

ChatGPT for Horror Writers: Lorelai Writes a Story About Jeffrey Dahmer’s Plant – 2/23/23 (Early hours of the morning)

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