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About Morgan and Xzyruz

Bones illustration by Kristian Strange

Morgan Argor

Since their earliest days, Morgan was always obsessed with escapism. In childhood, they found it through haunting the back corner of the school library and frantically combing the shelves for any science fiction book they could find. Then, they tripped face-first into the writing world on the back-alley roleplay forums of the early 2000’s. And since then, they’ve never stopped dreaming up twisted new characters and mind-warped alien worlds.

Their work has been complemented by readers and reviewers around the world, including Publisher’s Weekly. Their stories have appeared in the Worlds Long Lost anthology by Baen Books (under one of his many names) and many other eerie and enchanting places.

Since the day they first picked up The Call of Cthulhu and Other Weird Stories and read the first lines of The Tomb in 10th grade, Cosmic Horror has never left their mind. Nightmare visions of war-torn, dead galaxies far back in time are their favorite thing to write about–although they’re an absolute sucker for unreliable first person narrators, too.

Some persistent themes of their writing include:

  • Monsters
  • Aliens
  • Life as an outsider
  • Military science fiction
  • Epic Gothic Space Opera
  • Mental illness (mostly aspergers, OCD, and schizophrenia)
  • Living outside the norm and redefining the gender binary
  • The line between reality and dreams
  • Trauma that never fades
  • Longing to return to a past that doesn’t exist on a world that was never there

They’re also the guitarist of the black metal band Wormheart. You can listen to their first album on Bandcamp or check out their Encyclopaedia Metallum page if you like it sick, raw, and forever screaming.

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Zyklon Xzyruz ?

So who is Zyklon Xzyruz?

I’m going to tell you about myself.

  • I like Death, Iron Maiden, Opeth, having hair, and Spending time with the Metalworker.
  • Morgan & Dethrin are cool too.
  • Playing guitar is \m// \\m/
  • All I care about is driving fast.
  • I’ve been writing stories with song titles in them.
  • I like sitting on the couch.
  • I’m glad the Christmas Tree is gone.
  • I don’t like when Jack stares at the dreamcatcher.
  • I hate Christmas.
  • I don’t like people or loud noises.
  • I don’t like it when people talk most of the time.
  • Watching TV sucks.
  • I don’t play videogames.
  • I can do card tricks and have a Deviant Moon Tarot Card deck that I stole from Morgan. It’s mine. It has all these harlequins and I can pull the same cards over and over and mess with people’s heads.
  • I don’t really do anything except write and listen to music.
  • My favorite number is 6.
  • I don’t like being sad.
  • I hate people. It sucks when they wear too much perfume.
  • My favorite bird is an owl.
  • I like dogs and wolves. I guess my favorite dog is Jack.
  • I don’t like the noose, tubes, razors, screaming, a loud noise, people telling stories that take too long, stained glass, the smell of flowers, animals (except dogs and owls and the orange cat).
  • I hate scuba diving and submarines. I don’t want to go to the ocean.
  • I don’t want to ride in an airplane or especially a spaceship.
  • I don’t understand why there’s a big picture of David Bowie on the wall.
  • I hate most of Morgan’s clothes.
  • I really like having my own clothes and cigarettes.

I write about dark and fire and finding the truth.

Nothing will stop me from setting the world on fire.

If you want to email me, send it to:

I don’t know why you’d want to.

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