Starless Imperium

Morgan Argor Strange, Science Fiction Horror Author

New Poem: Portals at the Heart of a Waning Summer Moon

Read it here.

The past month has been transformative for me, to say the least. From reliving the halcyon days of youth to cramming for the A+ exam, I’m finally enjoying life again . . . Somewhat.

Here’s a poem that captures a slice of my feelings at this strange, suspended moment in time: Portals at the Heart of a Waning Summer Moon

For those who have come to expect a soundtrack: This one is pretty cool. It reminds me of the music from Outlaw Star (which copied much of its music style from the original Star Wars movies combined with Japanese folk music). It’s an interesting, chill song that will take you away to faraway cities drifting endlessly, peacefully in a cloud of purple haze at the edge of spacetime.

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