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Morgan Argor Strange, Science Fiction Horror Author

New Short Story – “Apex Predators Wanted: Puppet Strings Attached” [I try out a weird new format and reflect on a not-so-exciting trip to the city]

close up photo of orion nebula

Well, I’m back.

This post probably isn’t as exciting as you’re expecting it to be, but my latest story might be: I tried out a whole new format with “Apex Predators Wanted: Puppet Strings Attached.

This one features the same unreliable narration style as many of the others, but it’s almost more of an essay or a series of personal reflections that lead to a penultimate conclusion . . .

Honestly I don’t even feel like reflecting on my trip to the city. It was boring and the whole thing sucked. I’m just glad to be back here. There’s no way right now to tell if I made the right decision or not, but it’s not like it really matters anyway.

I’m tired . . .

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