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At long last, lyrics for Wings of a Celestial. [Wormheart / Black Metal updates]

Morgan Argor wearing an Emperor shirt, black lipstick and holding a strandberg guitar.

Today I didn’t feel like writing much, so I sat around and played the guitar for hours. I’m trying to rework some of the old songs from the original Wormheart album. The guy who did vocals back then never bothered doing vocals for my two favorite tracks: Wings of a Celestial and Funeral March for a Lightless Wanderer.

I like them as instrumentals, but they were always meant to have lyrics. It always kind of pissed me off that they didn’t, so I decided to add them myself. Someday I’ll make a new album that has both of these songs (and possibly a few of the other older ones) alongside some long-awaited new material. My inspiration’s been dead for many years, but it’s slowly coming back.

I’m not much of a vocalist, but I’ve only been trying for a couple of months, so cut me some slack. Plus, playing guitar and singing at the same time is hard as hell.

This one, and all other recent recordings where I do vocals, are a combined effort between . . . many different faces. Some of them are ugly, but this music is raw and as sick as it gets. I wrote most of it during a very fucked up time in my life, but now I’m seizing it by the throat and turning it inside out.

The only two things I was ever good at are writing weird stories and playing black metal. Well . . . I have a few other “unusual” skills, I guess, but that’s another story for another time.

Anyways, I’m hungry, so . . . as some asshole once said to me in a book he sent to me in the mail before he started a huge argument with me on Twitter over bullshit, “Enjoy the Nightmare.”

Here are the original lyrics. I’m pretty sure I butchered them in this proto-version, but whatever. At least I plucked the strings and yelled a lot.


Wings of a Celestial,
With the Night at my back.
Drain the life from my veins, Unleash the cosmic attack.

When the stars align . . .
When I rise from the grave to follow the sign
Immortality or death: Which will you choose?
Nothing to gain: Eternity to lose.

Wings of a Celestial,
I face the darkness alone.
On the grave of your world, I’ll die for the unknown.

When the stars align
At the death of the Earth, I’ll take back what’s mine.

Some wish for life unending
By Despair’s eternal flame.
I wished for slow and painful death
Upon all men who speak my name . . .

– Sarnath Wormheart / Morgan Argor

Ah, the good old days . . . Sort of.

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