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New Story: “Severed Wings of a Celestial”

Read my new story Severed Wings of a Celestial here. Please pay close attention to the trigger warnings at the top.

Many years ago, back in the glory days of my obsession with Three Kings rituals, I encountered an odd post called “Wings of a Celestial” on Reddit. This isn’t the original post that I stumbled upon way back in the day, but it’s the next best thing. For reasons unknown, the original post (which I suspect was posted around 2014-2015) was deleted without warning. Just in case that happens again, I’m going to screenshot it for you here.

Wings of a Celestial recipe from Reddit.
Wings of a Celestial Three Kings Ritual.

I’m not sure what nailed this weird little post to the walls of my mind for the past 8 years. But since the first time I read it, I’ve thought about it at least every couple of days. I even named my band’s first real album after it. (If you’re into black metal, check out Wormheart).

I’ve tried really hard to figure out exactly why my thoughts drifted back to this ritual more times than I can count, but I never feel much closer than I was on the first day I read it. I guess in the end, it doesn’t matter “why.” All that matters is that for some strange reason, I always believed in it.

It seems like Wings of a Celestial always shows up whenever I need it, which is usually when I least expect it. I don’t care to share my thoughts on the origins of the ritual here, or of its success rates. But I would encourage you to approach it with caution and respect, if you choose to explore it yourself.

Instead, you could read Severed Wings of a Celestial and lose your own pain in the trauma of the characters . . . This one was written by Xzyruz, but I’m close enough to the underlying themes that he’s alright with me speaking for him. (He doesn’t really like writing blog posts).

The original ritual is the ultimate game of Russian Roulette. What sane man would gamble his life for a chance at a boundless future–or a quick and painless death? As a horror writer, it’s interesting to ponder which one is actually more terrifying . . .

I’m curious if any of the old /r/threekings crowd will find their way to this post. If so, I’d love to hear if anyone ever tried the ritual and lived to tell the tale. In my latest story, the ritual is used more as an egregore than anything: One protagonist does not believe they’re strong enough to overcome the will of an abuser so captivating they’ve deemed him a “God of Time and Death.” So in the end, metaphorically, at least, the ritual helps them when they need it most.

Would you play with fire and lay down your life for the Celestial and a chance at Eternal Freedom? If so, what would you wish for?

Hopefully, your story will have a happier ending than Severed Wings of a Celestial.

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