Starless Imperium

Morgan Argor Strange, Science Fiction Horror Author

New Story: “The Valfarian Armies Were Always Real”

Here’s another twisted tale of past life trauma, addiction, and everything in between.

Zyklon Xzyruz presents: The Valfarian Armies Were Always Real.

This story defies the rules of time and tenses, and Xzyruz is still getting used to speaking outside the old tongue. So this one took him a bit longer than the last to write, even though it’s significantly shorter.

Xzyruz wants you to know that he listened to Aces High “at least 300 times” while writing this. He even had it on loop while he slept on the couch. Also, it’s important to note that it was “a cooler version than this, not the lame remaster.” We just can’t find that on Youtube.

Anyways, don’t make the same mistake as him and take a nap, because the Devil’s work is never done. And always remember . . .

Never sleep, you live forever.

Read: The Valfarian Armies Were Always Real, by Zyklon Xzyruz

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